Korn Ferry, influence and public relations


How to position Korn Ferry as a strategic talent management partner and to gain recognition as such among businesses, institutional partners and the media?


Following the merger with Hay Group and Futurestep, Korn Ferry France wanted to bring its stakeholders and opinion leaders together by creating a common vision of organizational challenges and talent management in the digital age.


What we did

Initially, Proches worked with Korn Ferry to develop its influence strategy and public relations for the years to come, to make the recruitment office a leading player in sector issues. Proches is currently helping the office gain with its content media coverage among opinion leaders (press and social media) and in expanding its influence in France. 



We helped with the publication of the Talent Crunch study carried out by the group, which underlined the shortage of skills we are likely to experience by 2030. The first results revealed were the subject of considerable media coverage, among which an exclusive with Le Figaro.