Mutualité Ile-de-France, public affairs audit


How to reorganize institutional relationships at Mutualité Française d'Ile-de-France to align with the new challenges of the sector ?


The Mutualité Française Île-de-France wanted to reflect on the improvement of its internal organization with a view to better management of its institutional relations and its influence.

What we did

We proposed a two-pronged strategy: 

  • evaluating the way institutional relations worked through ten auditions and drawing up a set of strategic recommendations to practically
  • rethink how the institutional relations of the Mutualité Française Île-de-France are structured and operate, with a view to optimizing efficiency. 



The following the interviews, a complete study of the organization, a set of change recommendations and a calendar of actions were implemented. Following this, the Mutualité Ile-de-France appointed Proches to update its mandate guide and for the complete mapping of its ecosystem.