SerendpTech, company visibility


How to improve the reputation of a start-up among FinTech professionals?


SerendpTech, a new offshoot of the RegTech, addresses identity fraud, the cost of which is estimated at an annual €3.8 billion. It is the ideal time for the introduction of such an agency, with a favorable regulatory context linked to the introduction of several texts connected with the protection of private data (GRPD, eIDAS, PSD2, etc.) now in force. However, its initial media and digital coverage was virtually non-existent, which limited its visibility.

What we did 

Proches worked with SerendpTech on three challenges:

- Restructuring the company’s communication, by writing corporate and commercial messages, developing the company’s exposure and the challenges of a digital identity, and creating communication tools (Motion Design).

- The development of their digital presence, with a daily update of the website and social media, as well as food suggestions.

- The launch of a visibility campaign among prospects and influencers, by means of an PR and e-PR program and public speaking training for the manager