Veolia, employee shareholdings for everyone


How to convince Veolia employees to invest in their company through an employee shareholding program?


Veolia, the multinational French company and world leader in public utilities and services, would like to launch a shareholding system for its 120,000 employees to engage them in the development and performance of the Group in 20 countries.

What we did 

Proches helped with the Sequoia 2015, Sequoia 2018 and Sequoia 2019 (underway) operations deployment strategy.

There were 3 main goals: to communicate in a simple fashion based on the production of aids and editorial content, making the legally and financially complex subject of employee shareholding intelligible and coordinating a launch simultaneously in 20 to 30 different countries.

In reality, this strategy led to the creation of a website for the employees, video scenarios, a summary of the campaign for managers, brochures, national and international posters and even a WorldMap of the campaign which we installed at the Veolia headquarters in Paris.

Campaign 2019: underway, 430 countries.


The campaigns of 2015 and 2018 were a resounding success with the overall subscription (internationally) nearing 27% (initial goals set at 20%), in other words nearly 30,000 new shareholding employees for the Group. 

Renewed client confidence: Proches helped with the communication for the Sequoia 2018 and Sequoia 2019 campaigns.