EuropaCity, communication d'influence


How to prepare the EuropaCity leaders to speak publicly in hostile situations?


A public debate must be held on the EuropaCity project with the inhabitants of the area involved. The opponents have taken to making themselves heard during this phase, with a deliberately provocative attitude. For the main part, the representatives of EuropaCity are engineers who have no training in public speaking.

What we did

Proches worked on public debate with the managers of EuropaCity, focusing on three goals:
- Basic training in communication in a hostile situation, through sessions covering three levels from beginners to advanced and filmed debate simulation exercises.
- Harmonizing group speech, with individual and group sessions to work on all scenarios.
- Building a shared story related to the project, highlighting the importance of the region


Despite the motivations of the opponents at the 30 or so consultation meetings, the public debate gave a broad approval of the EuropaCity project.