FCD, enhanced events


"How to give the environment-friendly distribution morning greater media coverage in an already saturated media environment? "


Against the background of the French National Food Conference (États Généraux de l'Alimentation – EGA) initiative, the Trade and Retail Federation (Fédération du Commerce et de la Distribution – FCD) wished to organize its first “Responsible Distribution Morning” meeting to promote the publication of the 3rd edition of the Responsible Distribution Observatory. The aim of this meeting was to assemble the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and supermarket distribution retailers, as well as politicians, institutional bodies, Think Tank representatives, journalists and influencers to discuss four main themes:
1. Environmental management of the mass distribution business
2. Eating and consuming responsibly
3. Employment and human resource management
4. Distributors’ social responsibility

With media coverage swamped with different messages about the NFC, there was also a need for the TRF to advocate its approach among opinion leaders and focus attention on it in public debate.

What we did 

In this context, the Proches teams rolled out a three-prong communication strategy:
- We introduced a PR strategy targeting the specialized and mainstream press opinion leaders media (business, supermarket distribution, consumer, food and drink, sustainable development, health, welfare, etc.) before the event.
- We assisted the FCD in developing its digital communication, by training the communications department in best practices on the social media and by implementing a special event-related campaign before, during and after the conference. We carried out a teasing campaign, publishing a live tweet of the morning and “reminder” posts.
- We assisted with the event-related part to ensure that everything went well and that the morning was a success.


The various actions carried out resulted in several opportunities to speak publicly in the media as well as quality press coverage giving visibility to the FCD, the Responsible Distribution Observatory and the conference.
The digital campaign we implemented struck a real chord on Twitter, measured by 60% more tweets, twice the number of tweet captures, 50% more profile visits and 120 additional followers. This specific communication on Twitter and on LinkedIn also highlighted the FCD among influential players on the social media. It reached out to young (25-34-year-olds) and well-informed users, since 84% of them said they were interested in public affairs and news and 70% in technological news.