Fondation de France: 50 years, 50 stories


How to establish the Fondation de France as a mainstay of French philanthropy, on its 50th anniversary?



Central to the new philanthropic era, the 50th anniversary of the Fondation de France in 2019 represented a key moment to reassert its role as a leader working for the common good.

What we did

The goal of the strategy we proposed to the Fondation de France was twofold. It aimed to give visibility an legitimacy to an entity unfamiliar to the general public. An overall strategy providing the foundation several tools for 2019: a specific “50th anniversary” area of expression, the coordination of a “special year” enabling it to increase its visibility by building on recurrent events and new partnerships, a “50 years, 50 stories” message and editorial and audiovisual content strategy offering media coverage in Fondation de France’s own ecosystem (special website, social media) and in media relations.

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For 2019: A film dedicated to “50 years”, 50 “key events” related and highlighted online, a one-year social media content strategy, new partnerships created with ESJ and Ecole Boule involving students in content creation or trophies, strengthened media relations with a Philanthropy open day in partnership with the Fondation de France on France Télévisionsin January 2019, and many events to come.