MNT, influence campaign


How to focus the attention of French people on their local public services at the heart of the presidential campaign?


In 2017, presidential, legislators and senatorial elections were held, moving the possibility of a fall in the number of local civil servants to the center of debate. With this in mind and as the leading mutual insurer of local civil servants, the Mutuelle Nationale Territoriale (MNT) wished to draw the attention of presidential candidates as well as public opinion to the importance of the civil service.

What we did

Proches’ teams assisted MNT with the implementation of the “Utile aujourd’hui – Utile demain” (Useful today – Useful tomorrow) approach they began at a conference in March for journalists, local authorities of all shades of political opinion, as well as Estelle Grelier, Secretary of State for local and regional authorities.

At this event, the MNT revealed the results of an opinion study carried out in partnership with Ifop on the theme of the Français et leurs services publics locaux (French and their local public services). The results of this study in 7 regions and in the French overseas also give rise to several local press conferences. We also implemented a specific digital strategy for the approach to strengthen the exposure of MNT on the social media.

We also created a website and a hashtag for the #Utiledemain approach.


Through the influence strategy set up for MNT, they were able to position themselves as primary insurer of local civil servants in the minds of opinion leaders and the general public.

What is more, thanks to exclusive rights and partnerships negotiated with the media, over 60 national and local media hits were recorded.