PEP, influence communications

How to improve the reputation, coverage and influence of the Federation in public debate?


The PEP network has been diversifying its operational response to all types of exclusion. Today, this diversity also hampers the legibility of its project, while the word “inclusion” suffers from a poor understanding of its scope, often limited to the domain of disability.

Furthermore, Emmanuel Macron’s new political orientation offers the ideal impetus.

What we did

Proches’ strategy had several goals:

. Pursuing a proactive federation communication policy based on the actions, engagement and values of the PEP.

. Forging alliances with a network of politicians and institutional bodies, thanks to a program of meetings with them, as well as opinion leaders and the media

. Showcasing the 2018-2022 federal project of the PEP in new spheres of influence

. Professionalizing the federation’s communication through co-building efforts with the local network

. Bringing together and engaging the whole of the PEP network in big events.

We developed a variety of tools and made them available to the PEPs: a daily monitoring of legislative, regulatory, political news, as well as the media, influencers and social media, co-building of key messages and promotion of events that would give the network structure.


The FGPEPE is now identified among its key contacts thanks to several political and media meetings (Elysée, Matignon, AFP, BFM Business). Furthermore, we set up a reputation campaign on the social media, and the 4th Rencontres PEP in December 2017 were a resounding success with its members and stakeholders, and offered excellent media exposure. Lastly, the message presenting and defending the PEP positions is now well-structured.