Pollinis, lobbying campaign

How to bring Pollinis to the forefront of public opinion and the political arena?




Pollinis, a European Association fighting to protect pollinators and prevent the use of pesticides is unknown in France.The Association faces two big obstacles: it has barely captured imagination of the French people and its political network is non-existent.

What we did 

Proches’ strategy involved organizing opportunities to speak publicly (op-ed by the executive director in Le Monde) and joint initiatives to raise awareness and inform citizens, to build a strategy based on the political agenda with the hosting of the COP 21 in Paris and its media coverage (strategic and political monitoring), to establish media attention decisive in legitimizing concerns related to neonicotinoids previously ignored in public debate, and to involve the authorities by tabling an amendment and a program of meetings with public authorities (five amendments submitted by both right and left political groups, as well as the launch of a petition presented to the Minister of the Environment at the time).


Neonicotinoids have become a recurring issue in the French national media and Pollinis has become a legitimate contact for leading political figures and within the association. A “Project” center was developed for greater presence on the ground and to help raise the awareness of people to the impact of pesticides on the environment on a daily basis.