Sceaux, press relations


How to catch the attention of the media by publishing a report on the working hours of civil servants?


The Mayor of Sceaux, Philippe Laurent, wrote an official report on the working hours of civil servants. He had several goals in mind, such as drawing the attention of the media to the report, educating the general public on a technical and complicated subject and thus making them more aware, and fighting against stereotypes in the public sector.

What we did 

Proches negotiated an exclusive interview with L’Obs, published on the day, and organized television interviews on 24-hour news channels and general interest radio stations for the general public (I-Télé, RMC, France Info, Europe 1, etc.)


Over 30 press articles were written and 10 television and radio interviews conducted, which led to a greater public awareness of the challenges of management in the civil service. At the end of this media coverage, Philippe Laurent was identified as a national politician, and not just the local politician he was before the report was published.