School of Philanthropy, visual identity


How to revamp and lighten up the School of Philanthropy’s communication?


The School of Philanthropy is not very well known and its remit is not fully understood by its different audiences (educators, volunteers, etc.)
What is more, the project is run by two foundations which wish to continue to endorse the brand.

What we did

Proches proposed to promote the School of Philanthropy (Ecole de Philanthropie) as an association providing ground-breaking education in France. It was important to educate people about “philanthropy” to explain the school’s purpose.

Communication required setting up a logo endorsement system for the cohabitation of the three organizations:

– Ecole de Philanthropie

– Fondations Edmond de Rothschild

– Fondation de France We also had to work on the language used to present the School of Philanthropy, its remit and the role of the two foundations.