Veolia, corporate communication

How to deploy the Veolia Water’s internal Osons 20/20 strategy among clients and prospects?


In 2017, Veolia Water developed a new corporate engagement project called “Osons 20/20” led by Frédéric Van Hems, its new Managing Director.

To deploy its new strategic plan, Veolia water needs to coordinate in-house communications making them sufficiently informative to enable managers to pass on messages.

Later, it will need to promote regional communication among its clients and prospective clients, presenting a new regional organization and confirming the presence of Veolia water in close contact with all those involved.

What we did 

For the internal audience, a manager’s guide providing details of a simple user-friendly strategy, to facilitate the transmission of key messages.

The external audience, Insign-Proches proposed a program relying on regional and territorial intermediaries with a sales pitch delivering a certain kind of language and presenting the national program being rolled out, a personalized letter and a promotional brochure for the authorities, as well as digital deployment.


In house: new strategic plan well received and taken on board. 

External deployment: 10,000 contacts addressed in 67 regions.