12/08/2019 - 11:55

The Proches agency signs the “LES JOURS” campaign to win over 5,000 new subscribers

Paris, 26 June 2018 – Proches signs the “Les Jours – 0% fiction, 100% series” campaign, which was revealed today. To win 5,000 new subscribers, the online media, offering news in a series format, launched a crowdfunding campaign to guarantee its independence, continuity and development. The Proches campaign embodies the unique editorial format that has made Les Jours successful these last two years aims to help it secure its future by topping 15,000 subscribers.

A campaign that embodies a new type of journalism: zero% fiction, 100% series

Proches made the creative decision to showcase the new type of journalism invented by Les Jours, which immerses the reader in a subject reported in the form of episodes over several months. Reporting in-depth news in series is the motto of Les Jours launched in 2016 by a team of former journalists from Libération, led by the desire to offer a new narrative and journalistic experience.

A media for and by its readers, with the goal of 15,000 subscribers.

It has been a black year for the press, showing just how difficult it is to launch a new media and win readership. Les Jours is a symbol of the success of the subscription-based online press, since the media now has 10,000 subscribers. With a financial break-even point of 15,000 subscribers, Les Jours is launching a crowdfunding campaign to recruit the 5,000 subscribers that will secure its future. This is vital for its readership and to ensure that Les Jours continues to exist.

Proches sees independent journalism as vital to the cultural battle

Proches decided to assist Les Jours in designing and implementing the campaign, thereby becoming actively involved in the development of independent journalism illustrating the cultural battle it is locked in daily. Les Jour or the Netflix of journalism, has successfully developed new narrative data formats, in the form of podcasts and videos available on their site online and its Android/iOS application, and it is a symbol of the media’s ability to reinvent itself continuously.

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