Pour être plus proches de nos clients et de leurs enjeux.
We are a new model agency, a laboratory of ideas and a unique meeting place for expertise never assembled before.

– Close to our clients and their concerns

We live up to our name: in our mindset, relationships, thirst for knowledge, friendly ear and the way we care.

Proches constantly seeks to hybridize skills and expertise. Tirelessly innovating. Experimenting new ideas and actions to think out of the box.

Innover sans relâche. Expérimenter de nouvelles façons de penser et de faire pour refuser une pensée standardisée.

Plus qu'un nom, proches est un état d'esprit
proches est une manière de faire le métier de l’influence, une exigence, une philosophie.

At we have a different philosophy of how to approach influence.

We believe at Proches that the community, businesses and institutions should have their say in public debates. The culture of suspicion in society has reached its peak. Institutions, businesses and brands are met with fierce suspicion, fueled by the fact that there are so many ways now for people to forge their own opinion. The authoritative advice of the elite is countered by the opinion of the general public. The community is better informed, more vigilant, more involved in public life. A lack of trust makes governance harder, since people believe they are justified in thinking for themselves and contributing to the public debate.

At Proches, we believe that joint intellectual efforts have a powerful impact.

At Proches, we believe that joint intellectual efforts have a powerful impact.

The digital revolution makes everyone equal in the face of information freely disseminated on the Internet.

Every person can form their own brand with a Twitter account.

The brand belongs as much to those who created it as to those who receive, follow, question, challenge or build it together.

So, in this context true power has nothing to do with control, but with letting go.

At Proches we believe in proximity.
We are the "cultural battle" agency